From Design Concept to Occupancy

Why Use My Building Department

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you walk through the electronic plan review process better than anyone.  For more than 30 years, we have helped countless applicants navigate the waters of the plan review process successfully. 

My Building Department provides the services required for any project to be built, starting with the design concept to the certificate of occupancy

Building Design

The plan review covers all systems of a building: Electrical, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC, Alternative Energy Systems, Pools & Spas.

Building Permits

Building inspections, are required by law to identify any major problems that could potentially cause issues down the road and or injury to occupants.

Building Support

Obtaining building permits are a major issues when not approached properly. They can hold up projects, cost thousands of dollars in delays and interest fees.

My Building Department Reviews

My Building Department has the knowledge of plan review for commercial and residential projects like no other 3rd party.

Michael Monen – Certified Plans Examiner

I enjoyed working with My Building Department and come to know them as a valuable asset to me and my team.

Michael Monen – Certified Building Inspector